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What makes a good owners’ corporation manager?

The essential role of an owners’ corporation manager is to help lot owners with the financial, administrative and maintenance requirements of their development.

There are a range of qualities to look for in an owners’ corporation manager to ensure they can complete the necessary tasks on behalf of the corporation and the lot owners.

Each task is fundamental in ensuring that the owners’ corporation can meet its financial obligations.

The tasks also ensure that the common property is maintained to a level that will enhance the development and the capital value of individual lots.

Prompt attendance to maintenance issues that affect the amenity of occupants is also an important role, as well as clearly identifying which maintenance items belong to owners’ corporations or individual lot owners.

Owners’ corporation managers must also help lot owners resolve disputes between themselves.

A thorough understanding of relevant legislation and experience in applying legislative requirements are also essential prerequisites for good management.

The skills of a professional owners’ corporation manager

Multi-unit management requires a multi-skilled manager who can deliver in:

  • Accounting and financial management

  • Property management

  • Legislative requirements

  • Owners’ corporation experience.

Very few owners’ corporation managers can deliver or have the necessary qualifications to fulfil these essential management requirements.

So it’s important to do your research when appointing an owners’ corporation manager and make sure they are reputable by scrutinising their team and services.

Need help with your owners’ corporation?

LDB offers a unique owners’ corporation management service, bringing together the combined resources and expertise of:

  • Chartered accountants

  • Fully licenced property managers

  • Financial advisors

  • Audit services

  • A wealth of experience in owners’ corporation management

  • Up-to-date technology.

LDB Group is one of Melbourne’s most highly regarded accounting and advisory practices, underpinned by an experienced and united team that delivers professional owners’ corporation services second to none.

To find out how we can take the hassle out of your owners’ corporation management, give us a call on (03) 9875 2900 or send us your details via the contact form.



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