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Owen Day LDB Group

Managing Director

Owen Day

Owen Day, a fully licenced estate agent with over 35 years’ experience in the property industry, with a professional background in the management of all types of property, including large and small owners corporations, offers vast experience and is actively involved in the running of LDB Owners Corporation Management. Owen is married with four adult children and is a keen sailor, but spends more time maintaining rather than sailing his 1922 timber couta boat.

Scott Raglus LDB Group


Scott Raglus

Scott, whose previous roles in the management and in developing and building of residential, commercial and industrial properties, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge few owners corporation management companies can offer. Having started in the property industry straight out of school, Scott has acquired tremendous knowledge in all aspects of the industry and is able to assist owners corporations and their members in dealing with the multiple building issues that may arise within any type of development. Scott’s hobbies include riding motorbikes and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Janine Wilson LDB Group


Janine Wilson

Janine joined the LDB Group in October 2021 and has a background in Recruitment and Procurement and many years of experience in administration and accounts.  She prides herself on her customer service skills and work ethic. Janine is married with 2 teenage children and in her spare time, can be seen being taken for a walk by her very energetic dog!

Remy Verrocchi LDB Group

Property Management Assistant

Remy Verrocchi

The newest member to our property management department, Remy has quickly become an integral part of the team and provides invaluable support in the technical side of the business and in dealing with the numerous maintenance matters involved with owners corporation developments. A keen follower of Formula 1, Remy also teaches gymnastics hoping to produce our next world champion in this field. 

Tim Dickson LDB Group


Tim Dickson

Tim Dickson, the founder and Chairman of the LDB Group, is a Chartered Accountant and oversees the accounting practices and financial reporting of the numerous owners corporations managed by LDB. A member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts and with some 40 odd years’ experience in Accounting Services, Tax and Audit, he is a valuable addition to our owners corporation management team. Tim is married with three adult children and enjoys time spent on his property on the Mornington Peninsular producing & sampling his wine.

Kaye Head LDB Group


Kaye Head

Kaye has a background originally as a property manager and moved into owners corporation management with LDB seven years ago. She brings to the role an enthusiasm that only comes with someone who enjoys their job which is evident in the friendly, helpful and proactive manner with which she deals with clients. Kaye is married to a chef, which is fortunate as one of her hobbies is good food, and has a son who occupies nearly all of her spare time.

Wendy Douglas LDB Group

Property Manager

Wendy Douglas

Wendy has been managing properties for LDB clients for over seven years and has a warm, friendly and approachable manner ensuring all of her clients are satisfied with their service and treated with respect. No stranger to responsibility, Wendy held the position of District Commissioner – Nunawading Horse and Pony Club for several years and is now a life member demonstrating her natural communication abilities and dedication to the task at hand.

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